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High-lever Jewelled binding

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550E Automatic Perfect Binding Machine
 HY series Automatic Perfect Binding Machine adopts Inter CPU procedure and photoelectrical control. LED digital showing operation interface has the function of counting, and can reveal the malfunction and display operating condition. It has linear rail mechanism, and the time of clamping saddle and pressure can be set and adjusted. One operator is enough to accomplish the whole fusing binding procedures from providing book block, raking, sizing, gluing, covering, saddling, packaging, binding, book back pressing and so on. It can be used in perfect binding, as well as in book block covering after sewing and have a good effect when binding coated paper, the inner page of color spray paper and the thick cover of special paper.

480M Manual Guillotine
 Powerful guillotine for manual operation with 475mm cutting length and a cutting height of 80mm. A precise measuring scale is on the front machine table, the spindle guided backgauge with hand crank allows a precise adjustment of the desired measures.
 Especially designed for use in office, large administrative, copy centers, copy shops, in-house printing offices, and small print shops.
 480mm cutting length for paper sizes up to A3
 Manual spiral action clamp
 Spindle guided back gauge
 Side lay with measuring scale
 Blade from high quality steel
 Fine adjustment of measurement with calibrated scale on the back gauge handle
 Blade lock and safety guard on front table
 Adjustable blade depth
 Easy and simple blade change
 Blade changing device with covered cutting edge

 Cutting length:475MM
 Cutting height:80MM
 Insertion depth:458MM
 Minimum cut:30MM
 Dimensions W×D×H:1030×920×1350MM

EC50 Electric Creasing (side) Machine
 It is designed for creasing bookbinding card. The height and depth different creasing lines can be adjusted, and it is simple and practical.

 Max creasing thickness:50mm
 Voltage/ Max Current:220V / 3A
 Dimensions W×D×H:500×320×330mm

EC520 Electric Creasing Machine
 Creasing machine motor operated by electric pedal. It’s very quiet, fast, and easy to operate. It provides 2 creasing widths as standard, with the ability to change from one to another in seconds.
 Creasing width:520mm
 The length of orientation:530mm
 Max orientation lines:2 lines
 Creasing mode:Electric
 Dimensions W×D×H:800×630×230mm

CX630 Butterfly binding Machine
 The machine is deducted and ameliorated from Chinese traditional binding technology which began in Tang Dynasty and thrived in Song Dynasty. The bid document, menu, album, and blueprint are made by mechanical technology. The air cylinder is adapted ensuring the accurate location and controlled pressure. The unique board location mechanism can guarantee the flat book block in the condition of producing pasted board. It is more convenient to use foot operated electromagnetic valve.
 Positioning Equipment:magnetism mode
 Power Supply:220V/5A
 Dimension WxDxH:660×570×910mm
 Weight:75kg(including quite source of the gas)

EP530 Electric Nipping Machine
 The product is used for flattening of album. For this type of machine, a brake motor of frequency conversion is adopted, which makes the pressure adaptable. This may ensure the optimal flattening effect of album and avoid uncontrollable flattening effect of ordinary pressing machines resulting from their squeezing pressure generally unable to change gradually.
 Flatten Area:530×410mm
 Flatten Height :800mm
 Weight :210kg
 Power Supply :220V/4A
 Dimension W×D×H :530×530×1750mm

SK950B Hard cover maker
 The size of operation desk:950×466mm
 The thickness of board:0.5~6mm
 Refraction And reflection mechanism:O
 The function of negative pressure absorption:O
 Corner cutter:O
 Edge folder:O
 Power supply:220V/5A
 Machine weight:120KG
 Dimension W×D×H:1180×670×1070mm

QJY520 Pneumatic Joint Pressing Machine
 On the basis of JY520, QJY520 is upgraded form foot operated to pneumatic way, which is convenient to adjust the pressure through the button on the machine panel. The running of the machine is controlled by the electromagnetism valve.
 The length of slot(Max):520mm
 The power of heat-up:2×250W
 Power supply:220V/50Hz
 Machine Weight:65kg
 Dimension:630 × 450 × 1150mm

Upgrade:LM520 Coating machine、DM630 Automatic Burnishing Machine、TJ630 Automatic Gilding Machine 、JS720 Gluing machine、RN720 Roll machine、EPD101 Electric drilling machine、Perforating machine。


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