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        NCC330A is a digital controlled creasing system which has both creasing and perforating function. It’s designed for digital printing and On-demand printing users. 

        The user friendly Touchable colour LCD screen allows the operator to read, edit, create and use numerous creasing programs within the memory. Up to 10 creases can be programmed to a single sheet. It is capable of creasing paper up to 400gsm, including laminated material, and the crack of the printed sheets was avoided by the professional creasing design principle and excellent mechanical control design.


        ● Reliable and stable PLC modular control system. Through the internet it can achieve remote software up date and remote system maintenance.

        ● Industrial grade Servo control system has no "missing step" problem which caused by Stepping motor, and it ensures the high-accuracy creasing and reliably running.

        ● High speed optical fiber detection makes the reaction speed much faster.

        ● Efficient, fast and low noise vacuum air-aspiration type auto feed system. Feed speed can be adjusted by background program.

        ● Adjustable paper feed table, external micromatic setting, adjust the centered position and slant position by revolving the adjusting knob.

        ● A3 & A4 folio parameter preset, paper size, number of crease and creasing position can be set as needed.

        ● Two modularization opposing creasing grooves optimize the creasing result and avoid the paper crack.

        ● Breadthwise creasing and lengthways perforating can work synchronously. The running speed and pressure of the blade can be adjusted. (Perforator is optional accessory.)

        ● Touchable colour LCD screen allows the operator to set the crease positions and the number of creases. It also shows the stored programs as well as the counting date.

        ● User friendly vertical worktable, self-locking truckles, easy to move and settle down.


        Max. sheet size


        Paper thickness

        80400 g/

        Max. number of creases/sheet


        Max. speed

        About 4000 creases/hour

        Min. crease distance


        Max. paper stacking height


        Power supply

        220V/110V optional

        Machine Weight

        125kgwithin vacuum pump

        Machine dimensions


        1270×520×1170mm(Collection tray unfold)

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