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        NIC 32A ElectricalIndex cutting machine

        This index cutting machines allows you to create your index / tab dividers on books, booklets and single sheet quickly and easily. It can be used in copy shop, printing house, office, school and etc.


        Put the sheets against left side and clamp, step the foot pedal and cut off the frist part.

        Move to the second position automatically, put the cutted part in the gap.

        Page to the next position and cut, repeat this activity till finish the job. 



        PLC control system, programming the cutting position, length and number of sheets as needed.

        Touchable colour LCD screen,convenient setting.

        Foot pedal. Allowing choose system default position in auto-modeor control the cutting postion manually.

        Index cutting the bound books as well as single sheet.

        Up to 31 index dividers to any length up to 320mm.             

        Suitable for paper and cardboard which between 70~500gsm.

        Can cut 30 sheets in a single stroke. Great for repeat or regular jobs.

        High-quality special blade, exclusive knife type arc design,cutter body is fully closed to ensure the operator’s safety.


           Index cutting the bound books     Index cutting single sheet


        Max. Width


        Number of tabs


        Max. number of sheets

        30 sheets

        Power Supply

        220V/110V (Optional)

        Machine Weight


        Machine dimensions


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