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        Adopt advanced PLC module of main control system, more reliable.

        Design with fuzzy PID of warm control to make the temperature setting more accurate.

        Adopt motor with German technology, superior performance, higher operating positioning, stability, and durability.

        The text display screen can set up the working parameters, and show the working status of the equipment real-timely. Easy to operate, also with regulate function.

        High odor adsorption purification device can prevent and control pollutions and protect health.

        The circuit is designed with module structure, the layout is reasonable and the long distance service can be realized.

        Adopt gluing tank with special coating dealing to improve the melt fluidity and reduce the aging  of the hot melt layer. Equipped with removable glue size knob type control device.

        Can add any sales company’s information, machine model, and other data in the NC system according to the specific requirements, support English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Minority languages and other languages or graphical display.

        High dedicated linear slide and guide chain ensure smooth operate smoothly, durable.

        Professional proportion design of small alloy milling cutter and large disc milling cutter firm to a higher degree of binding.

        Designed for big format, guarantee the size of A3.


        NCB55A, a new numerical control automatic binding machine with lower failure rate was developed with our ten years’ development and production experience of automatic perfect binding machine. It is more feature-full, stable, durable, and suitable for management.
        We promoted to a higher grade of the machine's control system, transmission system, appearance and made operation humanized, Adopt industrialized mass production of PLC technology and international brand components, user friendly interface. Easy to use, you can set up system parameters, the real working condition, regulate thickness of the cover, working temperature, just by click the keys on the screen. One operator is enough to accomplish the whole fusing and binding procedure from providing book block, roughening, gluing, covering, covers saddling, clamping, book spine pressing and so on. It can be used in perfect binding, as well as in book block covering after sewing and has a good effect in binding coated paper, the inner page of color spray paper and the thick cover of special paper.


        Max. of book size

        435×550 mm

        Min. of book size

        80×60 mm

        Book thickness

        2sheets55 mm

        Binding in-page

        1 sheet2 foldout

        Milling cutter mode

        12-gear Disk milling cutter and small milling cutter

        Milling cutter protection board

        close automatically

        Warm-up time

        About 30 mins

        Mechanical speed

        Up to 300 cycles/hr

        Power supply


        Machine Weight


        Machine Dimensions

        1380×680×1200 mm


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